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Tor in Kali Linux apt-get install tor service tor start configure network proxy localhost:9050 configure Iceweasel to use SOCKS proxy to localhost:9050 check your IP before configuring the proxy and after configuring it  

Basic Linux

file management removes a full directory: rm -rf directoy1 rm -rf directory2 rm -rf directory? find files find -name FILENAME disk usage du /directory -h du /directory -c | grep total disk management Swap Create swap sdaX partition using gparted sudo mkswap /dev/sdaX sudo swapon /dev/sdaX Edit /etc/fstab to include the following line /dev/sdaX noneā€¦ Read More »

Apache / Linux

@Debian Settings directory: /etc/apache2/ Web files directory: /var/www/html/ Find out which version of apache is running: apachectl -V   Guide to install and configure HTTPs on Ubuntu