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Cisco IOS router configuration

  !! LOGGING !! Adds the time in the logs and debug entries in miliseconds service timestamps debug datetime msec service timestamps log datetime msec !! To test service sequence-numbers !! VRF DECLARATION !! VRF NAME can be any string to identify the VRF !! rd – route distinguisher with the format <ASN>:<number> or <IP… Read More »

Cisco EEM

Embedded Event Manager Last version: Cisco IOS Software is EEM v4.0 Types of EEM policies: Applet policies – using CLI Tcl policies – using Tcl programming language (tool command language) Available on: Switches Ca talyst 3700, 4500, 6500 Routers ISR, 7200, 7300, 7600, 10000, ASR-1000 Components: Event Detectors (or event publisher) Event Manager Server Policy Director… Read More »

Cisco iOS

IOS Images lan lite – Layer 2 entry level switches. 802.1Q, STP, CDP, VTPv2, PAGP/LACP. lan base – [lan lite] + Layer 2 advanced switches. VTPv3. More security and managament functions. ip base – [lan lite] + Very limited routing (static, rip, eigrp stub), ACLs, Private LANs ip voice – [ip base] + VoIP sp services – [ip… Read More »


RIB – BGP Routing Information Base Adj-RIBs-In – Information received from the peers and used for the decision process, before applying any attribute modification or applying route filtering. Local RIB – Information from the result of the processing of the RIBs-In table. After applying decision process and BGP policies. This information will be processed to create the routing… Read More »