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Out of the box setup Network Port 1 / Internal interface – DHCP often enabled in port 1 / internal interface Change admin password Default username: admin / <blank> config system admin edit admin set password PASSWORD Switch modes Two available modes – need to be setup as a first step Interface – Each internal interface acts as… Read More »

Check Point Commands

Basic setup set expert-password set management interface eth1 set interface eth1 ipv4-address IP mask-lenght MASK set interface eth1 state on save-config Operating Reboot / shutdown expert> shutdown -h now reboot CPConfig – Reset SIC. Admin users. Enable functions. Cluster membership cpconfig Start and stop CP services cpstop cpstart Initial setup reconfiguration tool cpconfig FTP ftp IP… Read More »

Check Point Architecture

Technology Architecture Components SMART – Check Point Security Management Architecture Core systems: SmartConsole – Windows based GUI Security Management Server (SMS) (aka Smart Center Server) – Configuration and log storage Security Gateway – Security Device (SGW) Deployment modes Stand alone – Security Management Server + Security Gateway in the same device Distributed – Security Management… Read More »