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Cisco Wireless

Compatibility Matrix Deployment modes: Converged access Centralized (or local) FlexConnect     Converged Access Converged Access requires a WLC 5760 / 5508 + 3850 Catalyst switches or a combination of 3850 switches Converged access components: Mobility Controller – Mobility management tasks and systemwide coordination tasks. Mobility Agent – keeps the wireless client database and handle authentication. Provides access point connectivity and CAPWAP… Read More »


This is a Cisco proprietary technology used for encrypting data across networks that require full mesh connectivity. Traditional VPN topologies are hub and spoke. Components: Key server – Centrally manages encryption keys. Not part of the encryption. Dedicated router. Group Member – Routers that will encrypt the data GDOI protocol – Group Domain of Interpretation. Modified version of… Read More »

Cisco UC – Gatekeeper

See Cisco Unified Communications for architecture information   @Gatekeeper 1) Perform configuration in the central gatekeeper. configure terminal gatekeeper zone local CUCM1 domain.com [GK IP] zone local CUCM2 domain.com zone local GW1 domain.com zone local GW2 domain.com zone prefix CUCM1 [ROUTEPATTERN-CUCM1] gw-priority 10 [TRUNK_NAME]_1 //publisher zone prefix CUCM1 [ROUTEPATTERN-CUCM1] gw-priority 9 [TRUNK_NAME]_2 //subscriber zone prefix CUCM2… Read More »

Cisco UC – Gateways and SRST

Gateway Gateways are Cisco routers that have Voice Ports to connect to PSTN network and PVDM cards to transcode. Voice Cards Pri E1 -> VWIC-1MFT-E1 Bri ports -> VIC2-2FXO Analog devices (fax, mobile track) -> VIC-4FXS Data ISDN -> WIC-2BRI VWIC – Voice and WAN Interface Card (Voice + Data) VIC – Voice Interface Card (Only Voice) WIC – WAN Interface Card (Only Data)… Read More »

Cisco UC – CUCM – Communication Manager

See Cisco Unified Communications for architecture information   Infrastructure Setup System > Servers – List of servers that are part of the cluster: publisher, subscribers, presence,…. Subscribers should be defined here before the installation. It’s recommended to use IPs instead of Names. System > Cisco Unified DM – Autoregistration parameters. System > SRST – Definition… Read More »

Cisco UC – CCX – Contact Center

Queues Design http://routeswitchblog.com/2013/04/01/uccx-automatic-call-distribution-acd-part-1/ http://routeswitchblog.com/2013/04/25/uccx-automatic-call-distribution-acd-part-2/   Application Scripts Cisco Unified CCX Editor Video   Holiday days Link   Exceptions – They are used to handle errors. – It’s not important their location in the script, they will be run when the exception  happens. – ContactInactiveException – When the caller hangs the call. Usually to go to END… Read More »

Cisco IOS router configuration

  !! LOGGING !! Adds the time in the logs and debug entries in miliseconds service timestamps debug datetime msec service timestamps log datetime msec !! To test service sequence-numbers !! VRF DECLARATION !! VRF NAME can be any string to identify the VRF !! rd – route distinguisher with the format <ASN>:<number> or <IP… Read More »

Cisco EEM

Embedded Event Manager Last version: Cisco IOS Software is EEM v4.0 Types of EEM policies: Applet policies – using CLI Tcl policies – using Tcl programming language (tool command language) Available on: Switches Ca talyst 3700, 4500, 6500 Routers ISR, 7200, 7300, 7600, 10000, ASR-1000 Components: Event Detectors (or event publisher) Event Manager Server Policy Director… Read More »

Cisco UC – Unified Communications Arquitecture

UC Architecture Infrastructure Layer: Components: Switches, Routers and voice gateways Carries data, voice and video between devices and applications Call Control Layer: CUCM, CUCM Express or CUCM Business Edition CUBE – Cisco Unified Border Element (Session Border Controller) SRST – Survivable Remote Site Telephony Provides call processing, device control, dial plan admin Appplication Layer: Cisco Unity, Contact… Read More »

Cisco iOS

IOS Images lan lite – Layer 2 entry level switches. 802.1Q, STP, CDP, VTPv2, PAGP/LACP. lan base – [lan lite] + Layer 2 advanced switches. VTPv3. More security and managament functions. ip base – [lan lite] + Very limited routing (static, rip, eigrp stub), ACLs, Private LANs ip voice – [ip base] + VoIP sp services – [ip… Read More »