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Social Engineering

Social Engineering Use influence and persuasion to deceive people to obtain information or perform some action. Techniques: Build trust relationship Get information piece by piece, and obtain it from different sources, so individually they are not aware of the information they are providing Use qualities on human nature: desire to be helpful, tendency to trust… Read More »


General terms: Bot / Zombie – Machine under the control of the attacker Backdoor – A way to access into the system without the owner knows Malware components: Insertion – getting on the computer Avoidance – hide Eradication – cover tracks Propagation – replication Trigger – initiation of payload Payload – what is delivered, malicious actions Types… Read More »

Security Concepts

Basic concepts Threat – An action or event that might reduce security Threat Agent – A person who takes inappropriate action Vulnerability – A weakness, design flaw or implementation error Attack – An assault on a system Exploit – A defined way to take advantage of a vulnerability Hacker – a person who enjoys learning the… Read More »