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Basic Information

Ethernet Frame

The type field of the Ethernet frame is:

  • IPv4 – 0x0800
  • IPv6 – 0x86DD

IP Frame

The source and the destination address use 128 bits

The Next Header field indicates the type of field is next after the IPv6 header: tcp header, routing header, authentication header,…

Ipv6 headers

IP Address format

0db8 -> db8 (only zeros in the left can be removed!)
0000.0000.0000 -> ::


/32Small ISPs
/48Enterprise / Building / Home
/64Subnets and Point to point links

Address Types

Global Unicast2000::/3 to 3fff::/3
Local unicast (private)fc00::/7 to fdff::/7
Link localfe80::/10 to febf::/10
Multicastff00::/8 to ffff::/8

IPv6 Well Known Multicast Addresses

ff02::1all hosts on local subnet
ff02::2all routers on local subnet
ff02::5, ff02::6OSPFv3


Link Local address generation: 1234:5678:90AB -> fe80::1234:56FF:EF78:90AB

DAD – Duplicate Address Detection

Cheat Sheet

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