Google Hacking

By | 20/06/2015

Basic concepts

“search a phrase”

search anythin but -not -include -these -terms

wildcard symbol *

OR Operator |


Google URLs

lr – search for specific language – lang_ca, lang_es


hl – changes the language of the google interface – ca, en, es


restrict – restrict search for country (domain or server location) – countryAD, countryES, countryUS


Advanced Operators

All the strings on the search are included with the advanced operator search if it starts with “all*”. Other operators only use the word next to the “:”

intitle, allintitle – search within the title of the website

intitle:“index of” “backup files”
allintitle:“index of” “backup files”

allintext – search for the string in the text of the web pages

inurl, allinurl – search the works on URLs

site – search the words in a specific site ios default password

filetype (or ext) – search for specific file extensions

filetype:pdf text to search into the document

link – search pages that are linking to another page

inanchor – seach a word in a link text

numrange – searach for the numbers in the range


info – provides information about a website

related – show related sites


Special searches: