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Hash Algorithm

  • Message Digest – MD2, MD4, MD5
  • Secure Hash Algorithm – SHA-1, SHA-256. SHA-384, SHA-512

When hashing the passwords for storage or transfer, avoid the use of the rainbow tables using a salt.


Key management protocol



Confidentiality – Use the public key of the target. The target will use the private key.

Non-Repudiation – Use the private key of the source for encryption. It can only be decrypted with the public key

Digital signature – Encrypt the hash of the message with the source private key. Destination will need to use the public key to compare the hash. Offers integrity and non-repudiation


AES – Advanced Encryption Standard – Currently it’s Rijndael algorithm

  • Block size: 128 bus
  • Key Lenght 128, 192 and 256 bits


  • No central authority