Cisco UC – CUBE – Border Element

By | 03/11/2014


CUBE – Cisco Unified Border Element is a SBC – Session Border Controller based on Cisco routers. It will be used as a central device when connecting different telephony systems through a SIP trunk and also to interconnect with a ITSP – Internet Telephony Service Provider that provides PSTN access through a SIP trunk.

The codec used in the different connections should be always the same.

On iOS version 15, it will establish a list of trusted sites from the session-target of the dial-peers. If a IP is not in that list, CUBE won’t accept SIP streams from it – sh ip address trusted list

CUBE Configuration


1) setup SIP services

voice service voip
 bind all source-interface [Interface connecting the ITSP]
 allow connection sip to sip

2) setup a inbound / outbound dial-peer for each of the trunks

//dial peer entry (ITSP -> CUBE)
dial-peer voice NUMTAG1 voip
 incoming-called number 912002…
 codec g711ulaw
 session protocol sipv2
//dial peer exit (CUBE -> ITSP)
dial-peer voice NUMTAG2 voip
 destination-pattern 0T
 codec g711ulaw
 session-protocol sipv2
 translation-profile outgoing remove0
 session-target ipv4:[ITSP-IP]
//dial peer CUBE -> CUCM
Dial-peer voice NUMTAG3 voip
 destination-pattern 912002…
 session-target ipv4:[CUCM-IP]
 codec g711ulaw
 session protocol sipv2
//dial peer CUCM -> CUBE
dial-peer voice NUMTAG4 voip
 incoming-called-number 0T
 codec g711ulaw
 session protocol sipv2


Media Flow

media flow-around – enables communication directly between devices.

media flow-through – communication between devices go through the CUBE and uses its IP.

To be configured in dial-peer, voice-calls or voice-service


Troubleshooting commands

sh sip calls brief
sh call active voice brief
sh voip rtp connections
sh cube status
sh dial-peer voice summary
sh dialplan number XXXXX

Check that calls match the right dial-peer

debug voip ccapi inout

Check sip information sent to the service provider

debug ccsip messages

Translation Patterns

test voice translation-rule RuleNumber TestNumber

/^ <- start

$/ <- end

Pattern Match:


Number Slice:

Number slice

Reference:  Voice Translation Rules

Incoming called-number

destination pattern


incoming called-number