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– They are used to handle errors.

– It’s not important their location in the script, they will be run when the exception  happens.

– ContactInactiveException – When the caller hangs the call. Usually to go to END


Using Exceptions in UCCX 


Showing CSQ info to the Agent

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IP Phone Agent Configuration


Cisco CCX allows the usage of Cisco Desktop Agent (CDA), Finnesse or IP Phone Agent (IPPA) to allow agents to manage their status and get information from the calls.

CDA and Finnesse are not available in Standard CCX version, so it could be needed to configure IPPA and it need to be done in CUCM.

On the CUCM, go to Device > Device Settings > IP Phone Services

Create a new service with the following configuration:

Service name: IP Phone Agent
ASCII Service Name: IP Phone Agent
Service URL: http://[IP]:[PORT]/ipphone/jsp/sciphonexml/IPAgentInitial.jsp
Sercive Category: XML Service
Service Type: Standard IP phone service

Where [IP] is the IP of the Contact Center server and [PORT] is 6293 for the CCX or 8088 for CCE

Go to the Phone or Device Profile configuration and Subscribe it to the recently created IP Phone Agent service


IPPA and One Button Login configuration for  Call Manager 4

Cisco IP Phone Agent Guide