By | 17/07/2014

vSphere – suite of software that contains vCenter, ESXi and vSphere client

ESXi – virtualization server

vSphere client – allows connection to ESXi to access and manage the VMs

vCenter – powered vSphere client with more admin functions. Centralized management application. Allows features like vMotion, VMWare High Availability, VMWare Update Manager and VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler. It allows the cloning of a VM.


SNMP Configuration

It needs to be done using vsphere cli tools.

esxcli -s SERVERIP -u USER -p PASSWORD system snmp set --communities COMMUNITY_NAME
esxcli -s SERVERIP -u USER -p PASSWORD system snmp set --targets SNMP_SERVER@PORT/COMMUNITY_NAME
esxcli -s SERVERIP -u USER -p PASSWORD system snmp set --enable true
esxcli -s SERVERIP -u USER -p PASSWORD system snmp test

Reference: http://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2012/11/configuring-snmp-v1v2cv3-using-esxcli-5-1.html


Network editor for VMWare Player or Workstation Free

@Linux – /usr/lib/vmware/bin/vmware-netcfg

@Windows – Requires to extract the file vmnetcfg.exe from Workstation Pro package