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General information

DFS Expert: NedPyle

Step by step configuration

Primary member in a replication group – The primary member is only used during the initial synchronization period and used to resolve the conflicts. After this period, the primary member is removed.


DFS is not efficient to move data from a server to another server. It’s recommended to move the data first using robocopy and synchronize later the information using DFS.


Replacing DFSR Member Hardware or OS (Part 2: Pre-seeding)

DFS Replication: Copying Files to Preseed or Stage Initial Synchronization



Top 10 Common Causes of Slow Replication with DFSR



Shows the primary member of a replication group:

dfsradmin Membership List /RGname:<replication group name> /attr:MemName,RFName,IsPrimary

Sets  the primary member for a replication group

dfsradmin Membership Set /RGName:<replication group name> /RFName:<replicated folder name> /MemName:<computer name of the member you want to set> /IsPrimary:True

Shows the backlog of files pending to be send from one server to another

dfsrdiag backlog /rgname:"Group Name" /rfname:"folder name" /sendingmember:servername /receivingmember:servername

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