Cisco Phones

By | 26/03/2014

Factory Defaults (models 79XX)

  1. Power it off and power it on
  2. Press # since the begining until the line button flashes
  3. Relase # and press 123456789*0#

Reset a phone:

  1. Settings
  2. **#**

Get current call information

  1. Press twice the ? key

Locked configuration

  1. When in the locked configuration mode, press **# to unlock configuration


  1. Legacy phone can only perform digit by digit marcation
  2. Current phones can perform digit by digit marcation (select line and write digits) or “in block” marcation (write digits and select line


Phone boot up procees in a CUCM scenario

1) Phone needs power. It can get power from the following ways:

  • POE
  • External power adaptor
  • Power injector in the patch panel

2) VLAN information. The device will get this information automatically from the switch using CDP – LLDP or it will need to be setup manually phone by phone.

Vlans can be configured in the switch using standard trunk (requires manual confiugration) or using and access port with the cisco “switchport voice vlan VLAN” special command.

3) DHCP information. As any other device, the phone will get the IP address, mask and gateway from the DHCP, but it will aslo get the DHCP option 150 (IP Type) that will provide the TFTP server IP address.

4) TFTP will prove to the phone the settings template with the file SEP<MAC>.conf.xml

5) The template provides the phone the CUCM settings where it needs to be registered.


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