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Cisco UC – Gatekeeper

See Cisco Unified Communications for architecture information   @Gatekeeper 1) Perform configuration in the central gatekeeper. configure terminal gatekeeper zone local CUCM1 [GK IP] zone local CUCM2 zone local GW1 zone local GW2 zone prefix CUCM1 [ROUTEPATTERN-CUCM1] gw-priority 10 [TRUNK_NAME]_1 //publisher zone prefix CUCM1 [ROUTEPATTERN-CUCM1] gw-priority 9 [TRUNK_NAME]_2 //subscriber zone prefix CUCM2… Read More »

Cisco UC – Gateways and SRST

Gateway Gateways are Cisco routers that have Voice Ports to connect to PSTN network and PVDM cards to transcode. Voice Cards Pri E1 -> VWIC-1MFT-E1 Bri ports -> VIC2-2FXO Analog devices (fax, mobile track) -> VIC-4FXS Data ISDN -> WIC-2BRI VWIC – Voice and WAN Interface Card (Voice + Data) VIC – Voice Interface Card (Only Voice) WIC – WAN Interface Card (Only Data)… Read More »

Cisco UC – CUCM – Communication Manager

See Cisco Unified Communications for architecture information   Infrastructure Setup System > Servers – List of servers that are part of the cluster: publisher, subscribers, presence,…. Subscribers should be defined here before the installation. It’s recommended to use IPs instead of Names. System > Cisco Unified DM – Autoregistration parameters. System > SRST – Definition… Read More »

VoIP general concepts

Voice Gateway Protocols MGCP – Media Gateway Control Protocol – Standard protocol based on a Master (Call Manager, CUCM) and a Slave (Voice ports of the gateway). Call manager decides where the call should be forwarded. H.323 – Standard and distributed protocol. The gateway decides where the call should be forwarded. H.323 is composed by H.225… Read More »

Cisco UC – CUBE – Border Element

CUBE CUBE – Cisco Unified Border Element is a SBC – Session Border Controller based on Cisco routers. It will be used as a central device when connecting different telephony systems through a SIP trunk and also to interconnect with a ITSP – Internet Telephony Service Provider that provides PSTN access through a SIP trunk. The codec… Read More »

Cisco UC – CCX – Contact Center

Queues Design   Application Scripts Cisco Unified CCX Editor Video   Holiday days Link   Exceptions – They are used to handle errors. – It’s not important their location in the script, they will be run when the exception  happens. – ContactInactiveException – When the caller hangs the call. Usually to go to END… Read More »

Cisco UC – Unified Communications Arquitecture

UC Architecture Infrastructure Layer: Components: Switches, Routers and voice gateways Carries data, voice and video between devices and applications Call Control Layer: CUCM, CUCM Express or CUCM Business Edition CUBE – Cisco Unified Border Element (Session Border Controller) SRST – Survivable Remote Site Telephony Provides call processing, device control, dial plan admin Appplication Layer: Cisco Unity, Contact… Read More »

Cisco Phones

Factory Defaults (models 79XX) Power it off and power it on Press # since the begining until the line button flashes Relase # and press 123456789*0# Reset a phone: Settings **#** Get current call information Press twice the ? key Locked configuration When in the locked configuration mode, press **# to unlock configuration Marcation Legacy… Read More »