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vSphere – suite of software that contains vCenter, ESXi and vSphere client ESXi – virtualization server vSphere client – allows connection to ESXi to access and manage the VMs vCenter – powered vSphere client with more admin functions. Centralized management application. Allows features like vMotion, VMWare High Availability, VMWare Update Manager and VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler. It… Read More »

Apache / Linux

@Debian Settings directory: /etc/apache2/ Web files directory: /var/www/html/ Find out which version of apache is running: apachectl -V   Guide to install and configure HTTPs on Ubuntu

Windows CMD

Useful commands for Windows CMD Run a cmd as administrator runas /user:administrator cmd Setup a temporal user as an administrator net user tempuser password /add net localgroup administrators tempuser /add Remove a computer from a domain netdom.exe remove %computername% /domain:Domainname /UserD:DomainName\UserName /PasswordD:Password Domain connectivity information nltest /dsgetdc:<domain_name>  


General information DFS Expert: NedPyle Step by step configuration Primary member in a replication group – The primary member is only used during the initial synchronization period and used to resolve the conflicts. After this period, the primary member is removed. Preseeding DFS is not efficient to move data from a server to another server.… Read More »

Remote Desktop Services

Timeouts Active session limit – Timeout for active sessions. Idle session limit – Timeout for idle sessions (no user input for timeout time) Option 1: Disconnect the session Option 2: End user session End a disconnected session – After this time, the user session ends. Not possible to reconnect to the session More information: Configure… Read More »